Eco-Mat - Position the Entry and Flush Manifold

Establish a firm header (entry manifold) on the shortest side of irrigated area.  A PVC entry manifold is recommended for durability and stability. Install each manifold below the mat, or otherwise far enough away from the curb, so as not to prevent the Eco-Mat from bordering/touching the curbing or having a proper lie.  Connect the entry manifold to the Hunter control zone kit. The recommended operating pressure is 40 psi (2.7 bar), but may operate with pressure as low as 15 psi (1.0 bar). Refer to the Maximum Run Length Charts HERE.  A center feed header connection allows for a larger irrigated area given available pressure and flow parameters.  For smaller applications with flow less than 4 gpm (15 l/m), Eco-Wrap (fleece-lined dripline) may be used as header material.  Loop the system by connecting dripline laterals to a flush manifold. This provides added stability as well as a single location for flushing the system.

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