Eco-Mat - System Check

  1. Open the manual flush valve at the exhaust manifold and pressurize the system to thoroughly remove debris within the dripline. Flush until water runs clear. This could take several minutes for larger systems.
  2. Close the manual flush valve and run each zone for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Check for consistent watering patterns on the mat. Noticeably wet or dry areas, compared to the rest of the zone, need to be checked for leaks, blockages, or other damage that may have occurred during installation.
  4. Check your entry and exhaust headers for leaks.
  5. Check the dripline laterals for damage from installation. Do not allow dripline laterals to be kinked.
  6. Inspect all fittings. Repair any observed leaks.
  7. Check the Eco-Indicator. If the yellow stem is not raised, then there is less than 12 psi (0.8 bar) at this location.
  8. This may be indicating a potential break or blockage in the system. It may also indicate that the maximum run length of the product has been violated or pressure is low at the source. Take a pressure reading at the Eco-Indicator using the MP Gauge to confirm operating pressure.

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