P2C - Components



A Control Dial B Wiring Compartment
1 Run Normal dial position for automatic
1 9 V Battery An alkaline battery (not included) allows
programming of the controller facepack
without AC power
2 Set Date/Time Set the current date and time 2 Reset Button Resets the controller, keeping all
programmed data intact
3 Set Progam Start Times Set 1 - 4 start times in each program 3 SmartPort® Input
Used to connect a SmartPort Wiring
Harness, which enables Hunter remote
4 Set Station Run Times Set run time for each station 4


Internal 24 VAC transformer, prewired
with power cord and plug
5 Set Days to Water Select individual days to water, odd,
even or interval watering schedule
5 Junction Box Wiring compartment that provides an area
for connecting primary AC power to the
6 Set P/MV Operation Enable or disable the Pump or Master
Valve for each station
6 Common Terminal Used for field Common connections to
solenoid valves; also used to complete
sensor circuit wiring
7 Seasonal Adjustment Apply global adjustments to station run
times based on seasonality (5% to 300%)
7 Sensor Inputs (x2) Used to connect Hunter Solar Sync and
Clik Sensors
8 Solar Sync Sensor Allows user to program settings when
using Solar Sync ET Sensor
8 Power Slide Slide power lock On and Off when inserting
and removing PCM output modules
9 Manual Single Station Activates one-time watering of a
single station


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