P2C - Setting Station Run Times

  1. Turn the dial to the RUN TIMES position.
  2. The display will show the last program selected (A, B, or C) and the station number selected. The run time for that station will flash. You can switch to another program by pressing the PRG button.
  3. Use the + and - buttons to change the station run time on the display. You may set station run times from 1 minute to 6 hours.
  4. Press the button to advance to the next station.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each station.


Run Times in Seconds Mode

Users can enable a Seconds Mode to input Station Run Times with seconds resolution. To select Seconds Mode:

  1. With the dial set to Run, hold the + button while turning the dial to Start Times, then release the + button.
  2. Press the + and - buttons to enable/disable Seconds Mode. The pointer indicator on display will select SEC (for seconds) or HH:MM (for standard run times).
  3. With the Seconds Mode enabled, turn the dial to the Run Times position and use the + and - buttons to increase and decrease run times for each station in 1-second intervals.
  4. Users can set Run Times with seconds resolution up to 5 minutes. Any Run Time longer than 5 minutes will be set in 1-minute increments.

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