BTT - Reset

Controller Reset
  1. Remove the BATTERIES from the BTT compartment.
  2. While batteries are removed, press the external button(s) repeatedly for about 2-3 minutes. This will discharge any energy stored within the device’s capacitors. Re-insert the batteries. Attempt to reconnect controller.

NOTE: In many cases, this can help restore the connection to your Bluetooth device.

App Reset
  1. From the SCHEDULE screen, press the MORE icon.
  2. Select the CONTROLLER NAME (e.g; Hunter BTT 7606E) on top of the screen under CONTROLLERS CONNECTED.
  3. Select FACTORY RESET, then CONFIRM.

NOTE: Factory Reset will clear the program and passcode (if created). The controller’s name and photos will remain. 

NOTE: This option is not available for the BTT-100 model.

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