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The What's New page provides details of all the recent updates for the BTT APP used with the BTT Bluetooth Tap Timer, 1-zone, and 2-zone; as always, download the most recent firmware to avoid future device challenges.

Version HistoryDateNotes
x.x.xComing Soon...
  • Security audit approvals
  • Performance/Reliability enhancements
  • Connection improvements
2.0.03 Jan 2020

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version, which includes:

  • Control of two-zones with the dual zone Bluetooth Tap Timer

  • New dashboard view shows zone status, total watering time, and watering schedule

  • Assign images and rename zones and controllers

  • Set custom runtime for manual start button on controller

  • Set battery change reminders

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

1.0.320 July 2019This update fixes bugs and phone compatibility issues.
1.0.213 Nov 2018

We improved stability by fixing bugs and Bluetooth® connection issues!

  • View start times in 24-hour format.

  • Added passcode reminder for quicker security setup.

  • Improved user experience with fewer pop-up confirmations.

  • Added five additional language options:

    • Afrikaans Afrikaans

    • Bulgarian Английски

    • Dutch Nederlands

    • Hebrew

    • Romanian


1.0.18 May 2018Updated app store details

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