Decoder-to-Solenoid Wiring

Two valves per output

  • From the decoder outputs to the individual solenoids, use standard irrigation wire sized for the length of the run.
  • Wiring from the decoder to the solenoid should not exceed 150 ft/45 m. If decoder-to-solenoid distance is over 20 ft/7 m, use "webbed" or twisted wire to aid in surge suppression. This is especially important in high-lightning areas.
  • The decoder is often in the same valve box as its solenoids. In these cases, standard 18 AWG/1 mm wire is acceptable.
  • Each decoder output has the capacity to operate two standard Hunter solenoids. When doubling solenoids on a decoder output, wire the solenoids in parallel rather than in series. The decoder station output leads should run to the two leads from the first solenoid, then connect (usually in a three-way splice) to the leads from the second solenoid.

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