ICD-SEN (ACC systems only)

The ICD-SEN Sensor Decoder is a special type of decoder module designed to accept inputs (from sensors), rather than outputs to stations.

Each ICD-SEN has 2 sensor ports, which can report sensor status back up the two-wire path to the ACC controller.

Sensor Decoders are also set up at the controller first, using the Programming Port on the output module. Sensor Decoders have a unique series of setup screens in the controller display. ICD-SEN decoders may also be programmed and set up with the ICD-HP handheld programmer.

Each ICD-SEN has a red and a blue wire for connection to the two-wire path, and a bare ground wire, like the other decoders. However, each ICD-SEN also has 2 color-coded loops called "Ports".

Hunter HFS Flow Sensors or "Clik" type sensors can be connected and reported via the two-wire path.

The HFS flow meter can only be connected to Port A. Clik sensors may be connected to either Port, as needed.

ICD-SEN is not compatible with the Solar Sync sensor, and is not used for Solar Sync connections to the controller.

ICD-SEN is not compatible with DUAL systems. Use the sensor terminals in the I-Core controller for direct connection of flow and other sensors.

Powered and Wireless "Clik" receivers: ICD-SEN sensor decoders do not supply 24V power for Hunter’s "Clik" family receivers (such as WRC, WRFC, and Flow-Clik).

They will work with the switch closures these sensors provide, but wireless or separately-powered receivers require a 24 VAC power source near the receiver. Since ICD-SEN sensor decoders are usually located very far from the controller, the wireless receiver power supply should be determined and provided in advance of installation, in the vicinity of the ICD-SEN. The wireless sensors may then be located within their normal range of the receiver. ICD-SEN accepts the unpowered click output of these sensors, once they have a power supply.

ACC controllers never have more than 1 Flow Meter, and 4 Clik sensors, regardless of how and where they are connected. It is the designer or installer’s choice whether they are connected to the terminals on the controller’s Master Module, or via the two-wire path through an ICD-SEN.

Theoretically there can be 5 ICD-SEN decoders connected to the two-wire paths for a single controller. One could monitor flow from a Hunter HFS, and each of the other 4 could monitor a single click sensor.

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