Wireless Remote Controls (ICR, ROAM, Maintenance Radio)

  • ICR remotes manufactured in or after September, 2006, will have 99-station capacity to operate all possible decoder stations. Set Mode to 240 max station size. NOTE: Setting station max to 240 will prevent the ICR from operating some other Hunter controllers (such as ICC). Reset the max station size when using the ICR with both Hunter decoder controllers, and other Hunter controllers.
  • UHF Maintenance Radio will also operate all stations and programs in any size ACC decoder controller. This option requires the installation of an ACC Com module and a RAD3 radio with antenna in the controller (this option requires a license). The operator may then use a Hunter model TRNR portable radio, or a similarly programmed UHF radio with DTMF keypad, to operate many functions of the controller including control of up to 99 stations.
  • ROAM remote controls are fully compatible with ACC Decoder and I-Core DUAL controllers and require no license in most international installations. Learn more about ROAM and ROAMXL

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