MP Rotator - Installation

Hunter MP Rotators fit on a traditional pop-up or fixed spray body. The most common bodies are the female threaded version. MP Rotators are also available in a male thread version if needed. MP Rotators make a great replacement for spray nozzles adding the benefit of being a much more efficient nozzle with low precipitation and matched uniformity.

Remember: When replacing spray nozzles with MP Rotator you will need to at least double your run time, which will still save you about 30% more water than spray nozzles.

  1. Pull up the body riser and hold in raised position. Remove the current spray nozzle by holding the body and unscrewing counter clockwise.
    Note: Be sure to also remove the nozzle screen and most are not attached to the spray nozzle.
  2. MP Rotator left edge indicator is located on the side of the nozzle

    Left Edge Indicator

    To Install MP Rotator, screw on the MP Rotator by turning clock wise till hand tight. Install the MP Rotator with the Left Edge Indicator pointing to the left side of the desired watering pattern.
    Note: Ensure no debris gets in the body well replacing nozzle.  If debris gets in make sure to flush the line without nozzle attached.

MP Rotator Nozzle Replace

Nozzle Coverage

Hunter MP rotators should be designed with head to head spacing for optimal performance.

Warning: If your nozzles are not covering the desired distance, you may need to move up to a longer arc nozzle.

Warning: Do not mix Spray Nozzles with MP Rotators on the same zone. MP Rotators have a much lower application rate of water and should run longer, if a spray is on the same zone it will severely overwater in it location.

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