MP Rotator Accessories

As water conservation becomes more and more of a concern, high efficiency irrigation systems using the MP Rotator product line will become the solution. The MP Rotator is a high efficiency nozzle that emits water more slowly than traditional spray nozzles, saving water by reducing runoff. Using the MP Rotator Accessories as tools to audit and fine tune irrigation systems will further improve overall system efficiency.

Measuring system pressure at the sprinkler using the MP Rotator Gauge is a great way to demonstrate the MP Rotator’s ability to save water. For example, if you are experiencing low system pressure because of too high of water flow, the MP Rotator can be used in place of the spray nozzles to reduce the flow and increase the system pressure. This will also improve the uniformity and overall efficiency of the irrigation system.

The MP Rotator Accessories are great tools to help audit and improve irrigation systems:


The MP Tool is a convenient arc and radius adjustment tool for the MP Rotator.



The MP Gauge is a great tool for finding the operating pressure at a spray head. It consists of our Hunter pressure gauge attached to an adapter. Customers can use the MP Rotator Gauge to determine the pressure of an existing system during an audit or to better understand system conditions during a sprinkler related field issue call.



The MP Adapter is a pressure gauge adapter for any spray head.



The MP Stick is a kit for assembling an adjustment tool to allow for arc and radius adjustment of the MP Rotator without bending over.


MP Filters
MP8SCREENSP - Very fine filter screen - MP-800 50
MPFSCREENSP - Fine filter screen - MP-2000/MP-1000 50
MPCSCREENSP - Coarse filter screen - MP-3000/MP-3500 50
MPTFSCREENSP - Fine filter screen - MP-2000-HT/MP-1000-HT 50
MPTCSCREENSP - Coarse filter screen - MP-3000-HT 25

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