MP-Stake Installation Instructions

Native plant restoration projects and subsurface drip irrigation systems often require temporary overhead watering to support delicate plants. To simplify temporary irrigation, two preassembled stake kits are available for use with high-efficiency MP Rotator nozzles. 






  1. Determine a layout of the desired nozzles based on head-to-head coverage. Lay laterals accordingly.
  2. Hammer the stake into the ground until secure (recommended depth: 12"). If necessary, drill a pilot hole for tougher soils.
  3. Install a ½" female-threaded fitting to the ½" male-threaded fitting on the MP Stake supply tubing.
  4. Install the fitting to the lateral either parallel or perpendicular to grade.
  5. Flush the line and install the desired nozzle. 
Operating Specifications


Operating pressure range: 30 to 70 PSI

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