Rain-Clik - Adjusting Sensor Dry-Out Time

The Rain-Clik can keep the irrigation system from starting or continuing after rainfall.

The time that it takes the Rain-Clik to reset for normal sprinkler operation after the rain has stopped is determined by weather conditions (wind, sunlight, humidity, etc.) These conditions will determine how fast the hygroscopic discs dry out, and since the turf is also experiencing the same conditions, their respective drying rates will roughly parallel each other. So when the turf needs more water, the Rain-Clik is already reset to allow the sprinkler system to go at the next scheduled cycle.

There is an adjustment capability on the Rain-Clik that will slow down the reset rate. By closing the “vent” (see Figure 6) to completely or partially cover the ventilation slots, the hygroscopic discs will dry out more slowly. This adjustment can compensate for an “overly sunny” installation location, or peculiar soil conditions. Experience will best determine the ideal vent setting.

The Rain-Clik utilizes a single disc technology to turn off your sprinkler system within the first five minutes of the rain falling. For light showers and amounts of rain less than 1/8", the single disc will shut off the system for 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on weather conditions. Adjusting the vent cap will not have an effect on the dryout time of the single disc. For heavier rain showers in excess of 1/8", the disc stack under the vent cap will hold the system off for an appropriate amount of time. The disc stack dryout time is what the vent cap adjustment controls.


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