Rain-Clik - Maximum length of lead wire to controller from sensor

The wired Hunter Rain-Clik can be ran up to 200 feet from the controller.

Once the Rain-Clik is mounted, run the wire to the controller, and fasten it every few feet with wire clips or staples for best results. View the wired Rain-Clik installation instructions for further details. If an extension to the wire provided is needed, use the following table to determine the minimum wire gauge needed:

Rain-Clik Lead Wire Extension
Extension length Minimum wire gauge
25 to 50 ft. 20 AWG
50 to 100 ft. 18 AWG
100 to 200 ft. 16 AWG

Important: This unit is designed to be installed in conjunction with 24VAC circuits only. Do not use with 110 or 220VAC circuits.  Use the MINI-CLIK-HV for high voltage applications.

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