WRCLIK - Replacing Cap and Spindle

If your sensor is not turning controller back on after a rain event, you may have debris in the spindle of the rain sensor.  Remove the spindle assembly to check for debris or damage to the disks.


Cap and Spindle Removal
  1. Pry upward on both sides of the middle stack of the WR-CLIK transmitter sensor. This should allow you to clean and/or inspect for replacement.
  2. Reinstall the new or older clean spindle by simply snapping back into place.
  3. Adjust vent ring.  This is used to adjust the reset rate or dry out time for the sensors. Opening the vents will decrease the reset rate while closing the vents will increase the time it takes for the discs to dry out.

The part number for the replacement cap and spindle for the Rain-Clik is 505900.  For the Mini-Clik the part number for the cap and spindle assembly is 440200. 

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