Soil-Clik - Choosing the Probe Location

The moisture sensing Soil-Clik probe must be installed within 1000 ft (300 m) of the Soil-Clik module, using 18 AWG (1 mm2) Direct Burial (UF) wire.

Choosing the Probe Location

Choosing the Zone

Install the probe within the last typical zone to irrigate, so that normal irrigation will not interrupt watering prematurely.


Choose a zone with full sun exposure that is in the fastest drying area of the landscape. If necessary, move valve wires, so that is the last (highest-numbered) station to water.

Choosing the Exact Spot

Choosing the Exact Spot

Select an area with full sun exposure that represents the fastest-drying irrigated area.

Place in the Root Zone

Place in the Root Zone

In turf applications, the probe should be placed in the root zone, approximately 6" (15 cm) deep (adjust for actual turf conditions).
For shrubs or trees, select a deeper depth that matches the root zone. For new plantings, choose a spot halfway down the root ball, adjacent to native soil.


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