Soil Clik - P2C Sensor Wiring

A Hunter Soil Clik sensor or other micro-switch-type weather sensors can be connected to the P2C® Controller. The purpose of this sensor is to stop automatic watering when weather conditions dictate.

  1. Connect the Yellow power wires to P2C AC1 and AC2.
  2. Remove the metal jumper plate that is attached across Sen-2 and Com.
  3. Connect one White wire from the sensor to the Sen-2 screw terminal and the other White sensor wire to the Com terminal. When the weather sensor has deactivated automatic watering, Off will appear on the display.
  4. Connect the Gray wires to the Probe.

IMPORTANT: The SEN-1 terminal will only be used for the Solar Sync Sensor. Learn More


IMPORTANT: The Manual single-station function ignores any attached sensor and will allow watering.

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