Centralus ACC2 - Adjustment

Each controller has an adjustment tab, with settings for various water-saving features.

Seasonal Adjust

Seasonal Adjust allows you to send a percentage value to the controller, to adjust all station run times by a percentage. The same feature is in the controller, but it is easier to operate from Centralus, and works exactly the same way.

Example: A station has a 10-minute run time. A Seasonal Adjust setting of 80% will cause the station to run for 8 minutes. Returning the setting to 100% will cause the station to run for 10 minutes again.

Centralus Screen - Seasonal Adjust

Enter the desired run time percentage for current weather conditions, and send it to the controller with the Set Seasonal Adjust button.


Sensor Configuration

The controller must have a physical sensor connected first, before the sensor can be configured from Centralus.


Clik Sensors

If a Hunter Clik Sensor is attached to the controller, the Adjustments tab will show the Clik Delay setting for the sensor.

Centralus Screen - Sensor Configuration Optional Sensor Setting

The Clik Delay will leave the controller shut down for the specified number of days after the sensor becomes active, and then is restored to normal.

An active sensor can send an SMS text message if the box is checked on the Settings tab.


Solar Sync

If a Solar Sync sensor is connected and configured at the controller, the Adjustment tab will show the Solar Sync settings.

Centralus Screen - Sensor Configuration Solar Sync Settings

The controller will adjust itself daily (if necessary), and report the adjustment to Centralus. This is the value that will appear in the controller’s adjustment settings, in the controller overview pages, and on the Scheduling tab.

It is possible to set the Region and the Water Adjustment Factor from Centralus. See the Solar Sync manual or web pages for additional information on these settings.

It is possible to send a manual adjustment to a Solar Sync-equipped controller, but it will be replaced at midnight by the value from the local sensor (this is built into the controller).

Solar Sync Delay Days tell the controller to ignore the Solar Sync sensor adjustments for the specified number of days. This can be used to establish a new landscape with regular watering, which is not adjusted by Solar Sync.

When the days have counted down to 0, the controller will automatically switch to the Solar Sync sensor adjustment for climate-based water savings.



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