Centralus - Conflict Resolution (Controller Programming versus Software Programming)

Centralus can now detect when critical irrigation schedule settings differ between the software and the field controller. This feature is only available with ACC2 facepack versions 4.10 and later. Earlier versions will continue to operate but will require a controller firmware update to see this new feature. 

Software Screens

If any difference is reported in Start Times, Water Days, or station Run Times, a message will appear at the top of the screen indicating a conflict. Click the RESOLVE button to get a report of the differences.

Once the conflict report appears (may take a minute or two), choose whether you want the controller settings to remain and be uploaded to the software or whether you want the software settings to rule and be downloaded to the controller.



To update existing controller firmware: You can download the 4.10 controller update, free of charge, from the product page on our website to an SD card at any time and update existing controllers at the controller. Learn More

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