A2C-CELL-E - Preparation

The A2C-LTE cellular communication module is designed for use in North America. The A2C-CELL-E cellular communication module is designed for use in other parts of the world. Each module includes a pre-registered SIM card for use in Hunter controllers only. The card will not work in other devices. This SIM card requires a service plan. The controller setup process will include simple steps for entering secure billing and payment information. If your organization requires you to use a different plan or account, the SIM card must be replaced with one supplied by your organization. You will be required to enter the Access Point Name (APN) used by your organization in the controller setup screens. The original ACC2 facepack could not support a cellular module. If the controller detects an incompatible cell module, a warning message will appear in the controller display, as shown at right.

If the module will be used to connect the controller to the internet, a Hunter Centralus™ account is required to complete the final controller configuration in the software application. Visit centralus.hunterindustries.com to set up a free Hunter account in advance, so your installation can be completed and tested.

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