Centralus - ACC2 - Start Times

A watering program (SCHEDULE) can be created to operate valves in numerical sequence one at a time. For the controller and its selected program (SCHEDULE) to operate automatically, there are three components that must exist: When to water (or Program Start Times), how long to water (or Station Run Times), and the day of the week to water (or Days to Water). When using Centralus Software, you can send these commands directly to the ACC2 Controller. 

  • MODE:
    • Auto: Must be set to Auto to run automatically. 
    • Manual: Does not water automatically, but stores station run times for manual irrigation only.
    • Start to End: This allows you to run the program automatically from a selectable start time to a selectable end time.  The number of cycles will appear to the right next to Estimated Cycles.
    • Stack: Stack means the program must run by itself. 
    • Overlap: Overlap means it is allowed to run at the same time as other programs.
  • NO WATER WINDOW: This feature provides the user the ability to disable automatic watering during certain times of the day specific to a Program.
  • STATION DELAY: This feature allows the user to insert a delay time between when one station turns off and the next station turns on.
  • START TIMES: Start Times allows you to program start times for each of the 32 programs independently. Up to TEN start times per day can be set for each program.

Follow the mobile steps below to set up START TIMES.


Sign in to your CENTRALUS ACCOUNT. From the CONTROLLER LIST tab, select an ACC2 Controller model.


The SCHEDULE tab will be the default selection. Select a PROGRAM to begin setup. 


Select the EDIT icon to open the Start Time options.


Select a MODE




If a WATER WINDOW is desired, set start and end times.


If a STATION DELAY is desired, set a delay time between when one station turns off and the next station turns on.


Select a START TIME. Start Times can be set in one-minute increments.

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