Accu-Sync - Pressure Testing

The Accu-Sync compares the pressure on the top side of the diaphragm (main water supply pressure) to the downstream pressure.  Pressure is adjusted by the unit forcing the diaphragm downward until the desired pressure is achieved.  The Accu-Sync automatically adjusts to main water supply pressure changes.  To properly set the dynamic pressure (running pressure) on the lateral line with Accu-Sync installed, we recommend doing so using our MP Guage on the last head of the line.  You can purchase a Hunter MP Gauge Assembly (shown below at farthest head) to accurately check the pressure. 

IMPORTANT: Required dynamic pressure differential: 1.0 bar; 100 kPa

See instructions and illustration below:

  1. Make sure zone is off and the line is not pressurized.
  2. Remove the nozzle on the last head by turning counterclockwise.
  3. Thread the MP Gauge tee (female end) on the riser by turning clockwise until hand tightened.
  4. Next, thread the Gauge on to the perpendicular side of the tee.
  5. Lastly, thread the nozzle on the top end of the tee and adjust accordingly.

System can now be turned on manually to read the running pressure at the gauge.

Note: In the event you have squealing in the valve, be sure you have the right amount of flow going through the valve.  See chart below for flow details.


Accu-Sync Valve Recommended Flow Range
ValveFlow (GPM)
SRV-1005 to 40
PGV-100/1015 to 40
PGV-15120 to 120
PGV-20140 to 150
ICV-1015 to 40
ICV-15120 to 150
ICV-20140 to 200
ICV-301150 to 300
IBV-1015 to 40
IBV-15120 to 150
IBV-20140 to 200
IBV-301150 to 300


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