Valves - Wire Distance

These tables are designed for quick reference and are set up to provide maximum wire runs, given the information at the bottom of the table. Maximum one-way distance in feet between controller and valve heavy-duty solenoid: 24 VAC, 350 mA inrush current, 190 mA holding current, 60 Hz; 370 mA inrush current, 210 mA holding current, 50 Hz. The tables represent a single active solenoid. The wire distances should be halved with two solenoids operating simultaneously on the same wires.

Wire Distance (mm²)


Ground (C) WireControl (Hot) Wire (mm²)
 0.5 mm²1.0 mm²1.5 mm²2.5 mm²4.0 mm²6.0 mm²
0.5 mm²140190210235250260
1.0 mm²190290335415465495
1.5 mm²208335397515595647
2.5 mm²2354155157309001030
4.0 mm²25046559590011751405
6.0 mm²260495647103014051745


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