NODE-BT - Compatible DC Solenoids

For best performance, pair a Hunter valve with a Hunter DC-latching solenoid (P/N #458200). However, existing irrigation systems can be retrofitted with another manufacturer's valve and solenoid.

Hunter has tested and published a retrofittable compatibility chart that operates with the Hunter SVC, WVC, NODE, NODE-BT and XC Hybrid battery-powered controllers requiring 9-11 VDC to function. Some listed DC-latching solenoids below require a reduced system pressure, under 150 PSI (10.34 bar/1034.25 kPa), to ensure proper operation.

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Solenoid Valve
Baccara G75-0-10002 Baccara G75-S-50162 ¾” valve
Baccara G75-0-10002 Baccara G75-S-60162 1” valve (max. 75 PSI) (max. 5 bar/517 kPa)
Bermad S392-2 Bermad 200 Series valve (max. 50 PSI) (3 bar/344 kPa)
Nelson 8090 Nelson 7917 Series valve (max. 50 PSI) (3 bar/344 kPa)
Rain Bird TBOSPSOL Rain Bird DV100 and PEB100 valves
Irritrol E2003 (Discontinued) Irritrol 100 Series valve (max. 80 PSI) (6 bar/552 kPa)
Irritrol DCL                           100, 200B, 205, 311A, 700 Series, 2400/2600, 2500 and 2700 Series valve (max. 120 PSI) (max. 8 bar/827kPa)
Toro DCLS-P EZ-Flo Plus, TPV, P-220, P-220S, 220 Services valves

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