Valves - Maximum Wire Distance Between Controller and Valves

These tables are designed for quick reference and are set up to provide maximum wire runs, given the information at the bottom of the table. Maximum one-way distance in feet between controller and valve heavy-duty solenoid: 24 VAC, 350 mA inrush current, 190 mA holding current, 60 Hz; 370 mA inrush current, 210 mA holding current, 50 Hz. The tables represent a single active solenoid. The wire distances should be halved with two solenoids operating simultaneously on the same wires.

FT Distance mm² Distance

Maximum One-Way Distance Between Controller and Valve (mm²)


Ground WireControl Wire (mm²)
 0.5 mm²1.0 mm²1.5 mm²2.5 mm²4.0 mm²6.0 mm²
0.5 mm²140190210235250260
1.0 mm²190290335415465495
1.5 mm²208335397515595647
2.5 mm²2354155157309001030
4.0 mm²25046559590011751405
6.0 mm²260495647103014051745


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