X-Core - Uninstalling a Solar Sync Sensor

If a Solar Sync sensor has been installed on the X-Core controller then the seasonal adjust value used by the controller will be calculated from the weather data supplied by the Solar Sync sensor. If it is decided that the Solar Sync sensor will no longer be used with the X-Core controller, it must be uninstalled.

If the Solar Sync sensor is not uninstalled, the controller will not allow the seasonal adjust value to be manually changed. For example, if the seasonal adjust value shown on the controller was 50% when the Solar Sync sensor was removed, it will remain 50% until the Solar Sync sensor is uninstalled.

To uninstall the Solar Sync sensor, simply disconnect the green and black wires from the controller terminal and then turn the dial to the “Solar Sync Settings” position. The display should show dashes, indicating that the controller no longer recognizes the Solar Sync sensor for calculation of seasonal adjustment. Now the seasonal adjust value can be changed manually by turning the knob to the “Seasonal Adjust” position and using the plus (+) or minus (-) button to adjust the value. After uninstalling the Solar Sync sensor, reinstall a jumper plate (or wire) on the sensor terminals or move the sensor switch on the controller up to the Bypass Position.


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