Commercial Rotors - I-25 Rotor Nozzle Installation


Insert the white key end of the Hunter Adjustment Wrench into the lifting socket of a pop-up sprinkler. Pull the riser up to gain access to the nozzle socket.


Using the Hunter Wrench, loosen the nozzle-retainer/range-adjustment screw. If a nozzle is already installed in the sprinkler, it may now be removed with pliers by grabbing the tab in the center and pulling outward.


Install the desired Nozzle into the nozzle socket. Note that the socket is angled up 25˚. Make sure that nozzle is fully seated and does not protrude from the housing.


The Triangle on the rubber cover will always indicate the location of the nozzle and direction of the water flow, when the rotor is retracted. After the nozzle is installed, turn the Retainer/Adjustment Screw a quarter turn clockwise to hold the nozzle into place. If turned more than a quarter, the rotation of the radius reduction screw will result in a minimized radius.

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