I-80 - Riser Removal

All I-80 Rotors have a traditional body cap that may be unscrewed to gain riser assembly access. To facilitate easy riser assembly removal, all I-80 Rotors also include a removable snap ring on the body cap. To access the riser assembly using the snap ring, use the Snap Ring Removal Tool (P/N 984400SP).

I-80 Support Image_4
  1. Insert the tool into the snap ring’s access point (Figure 7). Press downward, slightly twist the tool’s handle, and pull upward to remove the snap ring .
  2. Engage the pull-up socket in the riser’s logo cap using the Hunter Wrench or T-Handle Tool P/N 319100SP. Insert the wrench or tool, then rotate 90° and pull upward to remove the riser.
  3. To install the riser assembly, insert the riser into the body. Next, install the snap ring’s left side. Lastly, press downward in a counterclockwise direction.

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