I-80 Turf Cup Kit


A Turf Cup Kit (P/N 959400SP) is a great user-installed option for blending a rotor into the surrounding field material.

NOTE: To remove the snap ring after the Turf Cup Kit has been installed, you must unscrew the turf cup.

Turf Cup Kit Installation
I-80 Support Image_6
  1. Unscrew the fastener in the middle of the cap and remove the cap.
  2. Using the same fastener from the cap, screw the retainer on top of the riser. Be sure that the pull-up socket and
  3. nozzle-retaining screw are aligned with the retainer openings.
  4. Correctly align the cup with the top of the riser assembly.
  5. Locate the protruding vertical indicator on the outside of the turf cup’s vertical surface near the top.
  6. While holding the turf cup over the riser assembly, orient the turf cup’s indicator mark to the riser’s nozzle-retaining screw.
  7. While maintaining this orientation, place the turf cup onto the top of the riser. Then turn quickly clockwise to lock the cup in the riser.
  8. Lastly, slide the rubber cover over the body cap. Make sure that all retaining segments from the rubber cover are correctly positioned on the body cap.

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