Commercial Rotors - I-40 Rotor Nozzle Installation Instructions


Insert the white key end of the Hunter Adjustment Wrench into the lifting socket of a pop-up sprinkler. Pull the riser up to gain access to the nozzle socket.


Using the Hunter wrench, loosen the nozzle-retainer/range-adjustment screw. If a nozzle is already installed in the sprinkler, it may now be removed by briefly turning on the water or removing it with pliers.


Discard nozzle if removed with pliers. Slip the desired nozzle into the nozzle socket. Note that the socket is angled up 25°. Tighten the nozzle-retainer/range-adjustment screw.


For opposing I-40 models, repeat steps 1 & 2. Install a smaller secondary nozzle on the opposite side of the rotor. For best nozzle selection, use the second nozzle performance chart listed below. The nozzles on both sides must match for optimal performance.



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