EZDS - Troubleshooting

Symptom Possible Causes Corrective Action
A red light on the decoder module
  • Shorted decoder/solenoid or bad connection to controller backplane.
  • Remove the EZDM, press reset on the back of the panel, then reinstall. If there is a short in the field, the light will remain red until you disconnect path.

The New Module does not work; the station count is incorrect

  • Controller was not reset after module installed.
  • Press Reset button on the back of the control panel.

Station will not run

  • Decoder not programmed or programmed to the wrong station
  • Decoder or solenoid disconnected
  • Bad solenoid
  • Bad decoder
  • Start manual station activation, and verify station is running in the display.
  • Inspect decoder, verify the LED is flashing at one-second rate. If not, check for 24VAC at decoder connection to two-wire path.
  • If light is flashing, decoder is working, check solenoid and connection to wire leads.
  • If necessary, re-program decoder to correct station number.
  • Test the decoder at the controller to verify if it is bad. Wire red/blue wires from the decoder directly to the EZDM. Test with manual operation.
  • Test with EZDT if applicable. Learn More
  • Test red/blue wires for Ohms of resistance with a multimeter. 
    • Good decoder registers 645K ohms >

P/MV will not operate

  • Decoder not programmed as PM/V
  • Wire jumper not installed
  • Re-program decoder with NO stations running.
  • Install jumper wire between EZ-DM PMV terminal, and PMV terminal on controller power module.

Err message in display
Note: When errors occur on the two-wire path, the controller cannot directly identify which station caused a problem (like it can with conventional stations and PMV). Start stations manually to see when the Err occurs.

  • Overload condition in the field
  • Possible short in two-wire path
  • Possible duplicate station numbers; too many solenoids active
  • (Station number shown in Err display may not be correct with EZ-DM installed)
  • The solenoid is damaged, causing a high current draw; check resistance.
  • If error occurs on all stations, check for dead short in two-wire path or PM/V output.
  • Eliminate decoder stations with same number as conventional stations in use.

QuickCheck advances through all zones without results

  • QuickCheck not intended for use with EZ Decoders
  • N/A

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