EZDS - Two-Wire Path Connections and Rules

The output of the EZ-DM wire paths is 24VAC, 50/60 Hz. Voltage is only present on the paths when stations are active. The red and blue wire path terminals on the EZ-DM indicate that they are connected to the EZ-1 decoder red and blue wires, but the wire that extends the two-wire path does not need to be color-coded. It does not matter if the decoder "red" connects to the terminal "blue." There is no polarity on the EZ decoder system. Use direct burial-rated irrigation wire. The size of the wire determines the effective distance of the two-wire path. Use irrigation-grade wire connectors for all splices. They can be of the same type used for solenoid connections.

Existing WiringTee- SplicingEarth GroundingActivating Multiple Solenoids

IMPORTANT: Distances in the Wiring Table are calculated based on 60 Hz for American Wire Gauge, and 50 Hz for International, with wire temperature of 122°F (50°C), and a 10% safety factor.

EZ Decoder Wiring Distances
American Wire Gauge Distance (Feet) International Wire (mm2) Distance (meters)
AWG 18 908 0.8 mm2 267
AWG 16 1,446 1 mm2 333
AWG 14 2,292 1.5 mm2 500
AWG 12 3,650 2.5 mm2 833
Existing Wiring

It is possible to convert an existing conventionally wired system to EZ decoder operation by using existing wire bundles to create a two-wire path to each valve location and adding an EZ-1 decoder at each valve.

Tee- Splicing

Tee-splicing the two-wire path is permissible. Use waterproof connectors in a valve box, and adequate slack at the splices (5 ft/1.5 m) to insure a reliable connection. Size the wire for the most distant decoder from the controller.

Earth Grounding

Earth grounding is not required in the two-wire path. However, it may be added in high-lightning areas for additional protection. Use Hunter model DUAL-S surge arrestors and connect the surge arrestor ground wire to earth ground hardware. Earth grounding hardware should consist of a 8’ (2.5 m) copper-clad steel rod, or a copper plate, installed at least 8' (2.5 m) away from the two-wire path.

The ICC2 or HCC controller should be grounded to earth with the ground attachment on side of the transformer cover, to approved earth ground hardware, ideally to a resistance of 10 ohms or less, as shown in the controller installation instructions.

Activating Multiple Solenoids

Select EZDS field wiring for the number of active solenoids (not stations) expected on a wire path during irrigation.

IMPORTANT:An active P/MV will count as another solenoid, if it is operated by an EZ-1 decoder.

American Wire Guage 1 Active Solenoid (FT) 2 Active   Solenoids (FT) 3 Active   Solenoids (FT) 4 Active   Solenoids (FT) 5 Active   Solenoids (FT)
18 AWG 949 474 316 237 190
16 AWG 1510 755 503 378 302
14 AWG 2395 1197 798 599 479
12 AWG 3814 1907 1271 953 763

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