Pro-Spray PRS40

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Application: Residential/Commercial
Models: Shrub, 10 cm, 15 cm, 30 cm
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The Grey-Capped PRS40 Offers Maximum Efficiency With The Water-Conserving MP Rotator

Hunter’s revolutionary MP Rotators use multi-stream technology to deliver accurate streams of water with superior uniformity. When used in place of standard spray nozzles, it’s not uncommon to see system water use decrease by up to 30% or more. This technology and water savings is brought to life in the PRS40. This efficient watering tool combines the rugged Pro-Spray body and replaces the traditional nozzle with a built-in MP Rotator. Regulated at 2.8 bar; 280 kPa  the Pro-Spray PRS40 ensures the optimum output pressure to achieve maximum efficiency. It is recommended for both residential and commercial applications, and is available in an array of configurations to suit the needs of any site.

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