Quick Specs

Application: Residential
Inlet / Outlet: 1" (25 mm)
Flow: 0.05 to 9 m³/hr
Flow: 0.7 to 150 l/min
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The Jar-Top Makes This Go-To Valve an Easy Choice with Simple Serviceability

For the maximum in convenience, reliability, and ease of service in a residential valve, the PGV Jar-Top is the solution. With the PGV Jar-Top, it’s possible to service a Hunter valve without using any tools. Even with this ease-of-maintenance and operational simplicity, the PGV Jar-Top still delivers quality and performance to handle the demands of any residential system. Choose from a wide range of different configurations for specific installations that vary from region to region. All models feature durable, high-grade, corrosive and UV-resistant PVC construction, glass reinforced jarring and a rugged double-beaded, leak-proof diaphragm with support to prevent stress failure.

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