MP Rotator - Not Covering the Distance

The distance of coverage for the MP Rotator is dependent upon incoming pressure. If you are not achieving the distance you desire, your incoming pressure may be too low to achieve the desired coverage distance.

First, check if your valve has a flow control handle (knob in the center of the valve). If so, you may be able to increase the flow from the valve. Open the irrigation valve flow control handle by turning the handle in the counterclockwise position. If the valve flow control is fully open and you still are not getting the distance required, the flow for that zone is too high (using too many heads) or a possible break in the piping causing a reduction in pressure.

If you are not able to adjust the radius down to the low end of the range, then the incoming pressure may be too high for the minimum desired radius. Use the Pro-Spray PRS30 (PROS-PRS30) to maintain 30 psi (2.07 bars/ 206.84 KPa) at the MP Rotator nozzle for minimal radius options. Use the Pro-Spray PRS40 (PROS-PRS40) to maintain 40 psi (2.76 bars/ 275.8 KPa) at the MP Rotator nozzle and for optimal performance and distance.

A great tool to measure the pressure at the MP nozzle is the Hunter MP Gauge (Part number MPGAUGE).

To obtain an MP Tool for your Hunter MP Rotators, please contact a local Hunter Distributor or purchase one from our online store.

For instructions on adjusting the radius and arc, please click here.

Performance Data

MP Rotator Nozzles line at 0.4 in/hr go a distance of 2.4m to 10.7m

MP Rotators Nozzles

MP Rotator SR nozzle line at 0.8 in/hr go a distance of 1.8m to 3.6m

MP 800 Nozzles

MP Rotator Strip models

The three MP Strip models of the MP Rotator family

MP Rotator Corner

The MPCORNER adjustable radius and distance


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