MP Rotator - Precip Rates

What is the difference between the standard MP Rotator series and the MP800 Series?

Standard MP Rotators have the lowest precipitation rate in the industry at 10 mm/hr. These models eliminate runoff in most soil types, and they provide uniform coverage, from 1.5 m wide side strips up to a radius of 10.7 m. The MP800 Series has a 20 mm/hr precipitation rate for applications where soil intake rates are higher.


How can I tell a difference between the standard MP family and the MP800 series?

Standard MP Rotators are color-coded with black bodies, or canisters. MP800 series models have gray bodies.


Can I use MP Side Strips with the MP800 Series?

Yes! Depending on the layout of the side strip heads, the precipitation rate will match either the standard MP family or the MP800 Series. After determining head spacing, use the total area method for precipitation rate calculation so you can see which family is matched.

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