Adjusting the Rotor Elevation and Installing the Cover Material to the Infill Barrier System

Before attaching synthetic, track, or concrete material to the vault, cover, and Infill Barrier System, trim the walls of the Infill Barrier System to create a flat upper surface if using non-infill type material. If an infill-type material is being used, trimming is not required. Adjust the upper flat surface elevation to the same elevation as the vault’s upper surface by maneuvering the rotor into place. This step allows for seamless integration of the ST System into the field and keeps it from becoming a tripping hazard. Once the elevation is set, tighten the rotor hanger bracket to lock the rotor into position.

If a pad or synthetic turf material must be attached to the Infill Barrier System, it needs to be 143/8" (36.5 cm) in diameter. After a piece of cover material is cut, use the Hunter-approved ST-ADH-K Adhesive to attach the material to the Infill Barrier System cup.


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