Setting Rotor's Arc Orientation and Adjusting the Arc

Now that the internal and external components are installed, turn on the system to verify functionality with the on-off-auto selector switch. Next, set the rotor arc.

The ST-1600-HS-B Rotor has an arc range of 40° to 360°. It also has a ratcheting feature so the rotor can be rotated toward the playing field. While operating, push the rotor forcefully toward the intended irrigation area. The rotor will ratchet unless the arc adjustment clips interfere with the reversing trip arm on the back of the gear drive. Slide the arc adjusting clips, if needed, to move the rotor to the intended irrigation area.

To adjust the arc, activate the rotor and slide the arc adjustment clips. This allows you to set the arc to the intended irrigation area. Move the trip arm on the back of the gear drive manually to speed up the process.




Final Kit Adjustments
Before completing the installation of the ST-1600 Kit, do one last check of the vault, manifold, rotor assembly, fittings, and brackets. Verify that the bolts are tight and the components are positioned properly in the vault. After making any final adjustments, enjoy the benefits of an automatic synthetic turf irrigation system.


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