ST-1600-Kit Support

Setting Rotor's Arc Orientation and Adjusting the Arc

The rotating nozzle turret on the Rotor has a ratcheting feature that allows the nozzle to be rotated to the field of play. Pull up the logo cap or activate the Rotor to expose the nozzle turret and forcefully push the nozzle as needed. The nozzle turret will ratchet unless the arc adjustment clips interfere with the reversing trip arm on the back of the gear drive. Slide the arc adjusting clips if needed to move the turret. The arc adjustment clips are used to adjust the arc in a similar fashion to impact-type sprinklers. To adjust the arc, activate the Rotor and slide/adjust the arc adjustment clips as needed to set the arc to the intended area to be irrigated. The trip arm on the back of the gear drive can be moved manually to speed the process.


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