ST-1600-KIT - Product Part Details

1 Hunter ST-243636-B composite vault and four–piece polymer–concrete cover set with cast–in openings to support rotor lateral thrust, plus cast-in opening with circular covers for quick coupler and on–off– auto access
2 Synthetic turf or running track material attached to vault rim and cover set (optional)
3 2" x 4" (50 mm x 100 mm) tack glue board or as per specification of all sides
4 Finished grade set to field perimeter tack glue board or as per specification
5 Hunter ST-V30-KV ultra-low-loss 3" (80 mm) valve kit with grooved fitting connections
6 Remote on–off–auto selector and solenoid manifold assembly mounted on vault sidewall
7 Color-coded control tubing from ST-V30-KV valve to selector switch mounted on the vault side wall
8 Lead wires from solenoid to waterproof splice connectors
9 Hunter ST-BVF30-K isolation valve and fitting kit with grooved connections and 500 PSI (35 bar;
3,500 kPa) rated couplings sufficient to connect rotor and control valve to manifold inlet
10 Hunter ST-SPT-K adjustable manifold support stand adjusted to support manifold weight (2)
11 16" x 16" x 2" (400 mm x 400 mm x 50 mm) support blocks as per specification (2)
12 Mount bracket to the inner lip of the vault and tighten bolts until the bracket is secure
13 Hunter HQ-5-RC quick coupling valve set directly below circular quick–access port
14 Hunter ST-H30-K stainless steel flexible inlet pipe
15 1" (25 mm) minimum Schedule 80 quick coupler supply piping and fittings or as per specification
16 Compacted base field materials per specification
17 Brass manual ball valve included with #9 ST-VBF30-K
18 Provide drainage via access to the field drainage system
19 Waterproof connections per specifications between control wire and solenoid lead wires
20 Top of quick coupler set less than 1/ 2" below the underside of main vault cover to allow key activation from above
21 Hunter ST-IBS-1600 Infill Barrier System Rubber Cover Kit with trim reference rings to allow heights from standard 11/4" (32 mm) to flat (non–infill or track material) applications
22 Hunter ST-BKT-1600 rotor hanger and elevation adjustment bracket
23 Hunter ST-1600-HS-B rotor
24 Isolation butterfly valve with grooved connections included with #9 ST-VBF30-K




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