Configure and Position the Adjustable Support Stands

Once the rotor, manifold, and stainless steel hose are assembled, you’ll need to install the ST-SPT-K Support Stands. Two adjustable stands are required to support the weight of the manifold. Place one support stand under one of the couplings attached to the isolation valve. Position the other support
stand under the coupling between the elbow and control valve. Place both adjustable support stands on a concrete support pad like a 16" x 16" x 2" (400 mm x 400 mm x 50 mm) support block for stabilization.

  1. Prep the soil where the support block will be placed on opposite ends inside the vault by compacting the soil.
  2. Lower the support block inside the vault.
  3. After the vault area, support blocks, and support stands are prepped, place the support stands on the support blocks.

The top of the support stands should be approximately 29" (74 cm) from the top of the vault. If needed, raise or lower the support stands to attain the correct measurement. To adjust the support stands, loosen the nuts on the top of the black rubber support stand base. Raise the nuts as far as possible, then press downward on the support stand’s metal rail until it stops.


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