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Incoming Plumbing Location

Use the Top View of the following installation detail as a reference. The bottom of the Top View drawing represents the on-field side of the Vault and the top of the drawing represents the off-field side. Next, note that the valve Manifold inlet is centered along the right side wall of the Vault’s upper rim. While this is the standard angle for the Manifold, the Manifold can be pivoted within the Vault to adjust for minor angular variances in the rigid sub-mainline piping that will be attached to the Manifold.

The quick coupler inlet piping must be plumbed to align with the quick coupler’s Quick Access Port in the Vault’s cover. Use the Top View illustration as a reference below. The rim of the Vault is the exposed upper surface that surrounds the Vault’s cover set once they are installed. The quick coupler inlet piping needs to extend vertically to a position directly below the Quick Access Port (#12) in the Vault’s cover set. If the quick coupler is too low it will be impossible to attach the key to the quick coupler.

The depth and location of the rigid piping connected to the inlet of the Manifold are critical. Use the Side View of the installation detail on the following page as a reference. Note that the Manifold’s inlet is approximately 24" (61 cm) to 30" (76 cm) from the top of the Vault. The mainline should also be at this approximate depth unless specified otherwise.

The quick coupler’s inlet piping (#14) must align with the quick coupler access hole in the Vault’s cover set (#20). Also, in order for the quick coupler key to operate properly with its handle attached, the quick coupler valve must be installed as close to the underside of the main cover as possible. Use the Side View illustration shown below as a reference. The quick coupler must be installed so that the final elevation is approximately 1⁄2" (1.5 cm) below the underside of the Vault’s main cover (#20).

IMPORTANT: The pipe size to the manifold must be at least 3" (80 mm) from the mainline through to the manifold assembly.

  1. Hunter ST-243636-B composite vault and four–piece polymer–concrete cover set with cast–in openings to support rotor lateral thrust plus cast-in opening with circular covers for quick coupler and on–off–auto access
  2. Synthetic turf or running track material attached to vault rim and cover set (optional)
  3. 2" x 4" (5 cm x 10 cm) tack/glue board or as per specification of all sides
  4. Finished grade set to field perimeter track/glue board or as per specification
  5. Hunter ST-V30-KV ultra low loss 3" (80 mm) valve kit with grooved fitting connections
  6. Remote on–off–auto selector and solenoid manifold assembly mounted on vault sidewall
  7. Color-coded control tubing from ST-V30-KV valve to selector switch mounted on vault side wall
  8. Lead wires from solenoid to waterproof splice connectors
  9. Hunter STBVF30K isolation valve and fitting kit with grooved connections and 500 PSI (35 bar; 3,500 kPa) rated couplings sufficient to connect rotor and control valve to manifold inlet
  10. Hunter STSPTK adjustable manifold support block adjusted to support manifold weight (2)
  11. 16" x 16" x 2" (40 cm x 40 cm x 5 cm) support pad or concrete stepping stone as per specification (2)
  12. Hunter HQ5RC quick coupling valve set directly below circular quick–access port
  13. Hunter STH30K 3" (80 mm) stainless steel flexible inlet pipe
  14. 1" (25 mm) minimum Schedule 80 quick coupler supply piping and fittings or as per specification
  15. ⅝" x 48" (15 mm x 122 cm) rebar stake with stainless steel strapping
  16. Compacted base field materials per specification
  17. Brass manual ball valve included/provided with #9 ST-VBF30-K
  18. Provide drainage via access to field drainage system
  19. Waterproof connections per specifications between control wire and solenoid lead wires
  20. Top of quick coupler set less than 1/ 2" (13 mm) below underside of main vault cover to allow key activation from above
  21. Hunter ST-IBS-1600 rubber cover and infill barrier kit with trim reference rings to allow heights from standard 11/4" (32 mm infill application) to flat (non–infill or track material) applications
  22. Hunter ST-BKT-1600 rotor hanger and elevation adjustment bracket
  23. Hunter ST-1600-HS-B rotor
  24. Isolation butterfly valve with grooved connections included; provided with #9 ST-VBF30-K
  25. Wrap flexible inlet piping with heavy–duty plastic pipe wrap tape prior to backfill and compaction
Installation Detail: Top and Side Views

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