ICC2 Power Module Connections

  1. Locking Lever: Down to lock module in place, up to remove module.
  2. C (Common Wire connection): Makes common connection for P/MV and/or station wiring.
  3. P/MV: Pump Master Valve connection: Up to 0.56 A for master valve or Pump Start Relay activation.
  4. SEN (x2) Sensor input: Standard inputs for Hunter normally-closed Clik sensors or Solar Sync® sensor.
  5. Test: 24VAC (always on): Used to test and locate valve wires.
  6. REM: Remote Control input: Pre-wired to Hunter SmartPort connector (plug on right side of wall mount).
  7. 24VAC (x2) Transformer connection: Connects 24V yellow wires from transformer.
  8. GND: Connects green safety ground wire from transformer.
  9. Ribbon Cable Connection: Connects controller to control panel.
  10. Installation tabs: Insert into module slot first, to tip and install module.



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