ICC2 Wiring

Connecting the controller to primary AC power should be done by a licensed electrician following all local codes. Install in approved conduit and fittings. The controller can operate with either 120VAC or 230VAC power. Supply wires must be 14AWG/ 2 mm2 or larger.


1. Turn AC power off at the source, and verify that it is off.

2a. Disconnect the facepack ribbon cable

2b. Remove the facepack.



2c. Remove the cover from the junction box.

2d. Strip about 0.5” (13 mm) of insulation from the end of each AC power wire.

2e. Route the wires through the conduit opening inside the junction box.

2f. Connect AC wiring using supplied terminal block (or taped wire nuts where permissible).



2g. Replace cover, turn on power, and test.







3a. Insert copper wire from earth ground hardware, and tighten screw in front.

3b. Minimum 10 AWG/5mm2 wire to earth ground hardware.

3c. Add copper-clad steel ground rods and/or plates sufficient to achieve 10Ω or less resistance at a minimum 8’/2.5 m away from controller.



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