ICC2 - Sensor Wiring Update

ICC2 Controllers with manufactured date codes NOV 2023 and newer include updated sensor inputs. These changes are also denoted by a blue sticker on the back of the facepack. The SEN-SEN terminals from the original ICC2 Controllers have been replaced with two dedicated sensor inputs: 

  • Weather Sensors (Solar Sync/Clik Sensors)
  • Flow Sensors (future development)

Each sensor is now wired separately across the common terminal (C) on the ICC2 Power Module. Follow the instructions below for new ICC2 sensor wiring configurations.

Previous Power Module with Jumper WireNew Power Module With Jumper Wire


Clik Sensor WiringSolar Sync Wiring
WireSensor TerminalWireSensor Terminal
One WireGreen
Other WireCommon (C)BlackCommon (C)

IMPORTANT: Remove the red jumper.


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