ICD-HP Support

ICD-HP - Cable and Lead Connections

  • USB: The supplied USB cable will power the ICD-HP from a laptop or desktop computer port.
  • Connect the larger USB A connection to a standard computer USB.
  • Unscrew the blue protective cap over the ICD-HP’s USB port on the end of the programmer.
  • Connect the mini-USB to the ICD-HP. Do not force the connector the wrong way!
  • Replace the protective cap when this port is not in use, to prevent water damage.
  • Any standard USB to mini-USB cable will work as a replacement.
  • Red and Blue Leads: Connect the straight connectors by pushing all the way into the matching colored plugs.
  • Programming Cable: Keep the cable connectors clean and free of mud and dirt! Connect both ends before placing the cable in a valve box or other dirty location.
  • Connect either end of the cable to the connector on the ICD-HP. Align connector slots with female connector on programmer, push straight in, and turn 90 degrees until the connector locks into place.
  • Connect the other end of the Programming Cable to the Programming Cup in the same way.
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