ICD-HP Support

ICD-HP - Programming DUAL decoders

The ICD-HP Handheld Programmer is an innovative setup, programming, and diagnostic tool for Hunter ICD and DUAL series decoder products. The ICD-HP may be flash updated to the latest version, with a free download from the product Resources page. Version 1.04 provides the most up-to-date compatibility with Dual decoders.

This instrument can operate and program ICD and DUAL decoders via wireless induction, through the base of the decoder with a programming cup. This allows access to installed decoders, without removing waterproof wire connectors.

ICD-HP can also be used for intial setup of new decoders. The included power leads will power a decoder for programming purposes, for installation later.

ICD-HP can be used for diagnostic operation and testing of installed decoders, solenoids, and even sensors. ICD-HP can enable new programming options for ICD and DUAL decoders. It can program any station numbers in any order within a multi-station decoder and can "skip" stations to reserve them for future use.



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