Node-BT - Dashboard

The DASHBOARD screen provides an overview of the programming within the app.  

  1. Node controller battery strength (%) - This allows user to determine when battery need to be changed.
  2. Controller is set for AUTO or OFF - AUTO means controller will run per set programmed schedule.  OFF means controller will not run (check programmable days off).
  3. Total watering time for today - This will show you the total run time that will occur for that day.
  4. Stations available - The amount of stations available for this controller.
  5. Ability to manual turn on each zone - User can manually run each station or program from 1 second to 12 hours.
  6. View Logs - Actions that were taken wihin the app (e.g; Bluetooth disabled, factory reset, etc.).
  7. Programmable days off - User can set the controller to be off for up to 99 days.
  8. Seasonal adjustment percentage - Changes all run times by a percentage for local conditions.
  9. Next start time set - This will show you when the next programmed start time is to turn system on.

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