NODE-BT - Solar Panel

Installing the End Cap
NODE BT Solar Panel Installation


  1. Remove the lock nut, end cap, and 9 V batteries from the existing NODE-BT Controller.
  2. Feed the entire bundle of Solar Panel wire through the end cap lock nut.
  3. Install the SP-NODE-BT end cap in the NODE-BT body and tighten the lock nut to secure in place.
Installing the Ball Mount
NODE BT Solar Panel Installing ball mount


  1. Feed the red and black wires up through the Solar Panel ball mount.
  2. Install the ball mount where the Solar Panel will be located. The Solar Panel ball mount can be installed in multiple ways: a.Use the four included screws and anchors for drilling into a wall or flat surface. b. Use hose clamps or zip ties to attach to any round surface (e.g., pole, post, stake, pipe).
Wiring the Solar Panel
NODE BT Solar Panel Wiring


  1. Open the Solar Panel cover and attach the Solar Panel over the ball mount. Make sure the red and black wires are coming through the ball mount into the Solar Panel housing and have enough slack to reach the (+) and (–) terminals.
  2. Position the Solar Panel in the desired location and tighten three screws around the ball mount to secure it in place.
  3. Feed the wires through the waterproof grommet and attach the red wire from the cable to the red (+) terminal screw and the black wire to the black (–) terminal screw.
  4. Ensure the rechargeable battery pack within the Solar Panel is installed and connected properly.
  5. Close the Solar Panel cover and tighten the screw to seal the housing.
Using the App
NODE BT Solar Panel Using the app


To use the Solar Panel with an existing NODE-BT Controller, first update the NODE-BT Bluetooth® App. You must have app version 5.1.0 or higher to use the Solar Panel. Once updated, open the app and connect to your NODE-BT Controller. You may be prompted to update the firmware to the controller. Once the firmware update completes, designate the system as “Solar Powered” for the NODE-BT:

  1. Scan and Connect to the controller.
  2. Select the More icon.
  3. Select Controller Settings.
  4. Toggle the Solar Powered button on. The Dashboard battery icon will now be changed to a Solar battery icon.

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