P2C - Components



AControl DialBWiring Compartment
1RunNormal dial position for automatic
19 V BatteryAn alkaline battery (not included) allows
programming of the controller facepack
without AC power
2Set Date/TimeSet the current date and time2Reset ButtonResets the controller, keeping all
programmed data intact
3Set Progam Start TimesSet 1 - 4 start times in each program3SmartPort® Input
Used to connect a SmartPort Wiring
Harness, which enables Hunter remote
4Set Station Run TimesSet run time for each station4TransformerInternal 24 VAC transformer, prewired
with power cord and plug
5Set Days to WaterSelect individual days to water, odd,
even or interval watering schedule
5Junction BoxWiring compartment that provides an area
for connecting primary AC power to the
6Set P/MV OperationEnable or disable the Pump or Master
Valve for each station
6Common TerminalUsed for field Common connections to
solenoid valves; also used to complete
sensor circuit wiring
7Seasonal AdjustmentApply global adjustments to station run
times based on seasonality (5% to 300%)
7Sensor Inputs (x2)Used to connect Hunter Solar Sync and
Clik Sensors
8Solar Sync SensorAllows user to program settings when
using Solar Sync ET Sensor
8Power SlideSlide power lock On and Off when inserting
and removing PCM output modules
9Manual Single StationActivates one-time watering of a
single station


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