Flexible Hose Access Through the Vault

The ST Kit’s ST-H30-K Flexible Stainless Steel Hose connects the incoming water supply to the manifold. The flexible hose adjusts for minor elevation and alignment differences between the manifold and incoming water supply line.

Install the flexible stainless steel hose to the manifold with the provided coupling and gasket. Secure it to the inlet side of the butterfly valve using the same steps for assembling the manifold with Victaulic fittings. Next, wrap the hose with 0.25 mm thick plastic pipe-wrapping tape to protect it from
corrosive soil conditions. Please note that this step cannot be performed when the rotor and manifold assembly are in the vault. If you’ve already lowered it, simply bring it out to install the tape.

When the rotor, manifold, and stainless steel assemblies are installed in the vault and connected to the water supply line, the stainless steel hose should appear smooth and untwisted between the incoming water supply line and the manifold. If necessary, loosen the coupling between the flexible hose and the butterfly valve. Then remove any twist in the flexible hose, and retighten when complete.


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